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Blue Cross/Blue Shield











For a more detailed view of your personal benefits statement, you may log onto Banner self services. 

Refer to your plan summary for eligibility and exclusion details.

Heath Care

Retirement Plans

Life and Disability

University Benefits


Other Benefits



UM offers a comprehensive medical insurance plan through Blue Cross/Blue Shield to all active full time employees, their spouses and unmarried dependent children up to age 26.  There is no waiting period for coverage. 


  • $35 copay per office visit for primary care physician; $50 copay for specialist.
  • $300 Inpatient Hospital deductible and $150 per day copay beginning with the 2nd through 5th day, per admission.
  • Outpatient Hospital Benefits ($150 copay).
  • $500 Major Medical deductible per calendar year, per person (maximum of 3 deductibles per family).

Covered services

  • Hospital Services.
  • Expanded Psychiatric Services (Inpatient/Outpatient).
  • Participating Chiropractic Services.
  • Preventative Care Services, including hospital newborn & well child care, routine immunizations, routine pap smears & mammograms, prostate specific antigens.


Prescription drugs are covered under the Point-of-Sale Plan. No benefits are available for prescriptions purchased at a Non-Participating Pharmacy in Alabama.

Generic covered at 100%,  No deductible/No copay.

Brand name covered at 80%, subject to $500 deductible.

UM participates in the cost of the medical plan.


Dental insurance is through Blue Cross/Blue Shield and is provided at no cost to all employees, their spouses and dependents enrolled in the medical plan. Enrollment is in conjunction with the application for medical coverage.  Employees must enroll in the health plan to be eligible for dental coverage.

Diagnostic & Preventative Services

  • Diagnostic and preventive services are covered at 100% with no deductible.

Basic and Supplemental Services

  • Fillings, simple tooth extractions, oral surgery, capping, emergency treatment, periodontic services etc. – are payable at 80% subject to the calendar year deductible of $50.00.

Prosthetic Services

  • Full or partial dentures, bridges, crowns, etc. –are covered at 50% subject to the calendar year deductible of $50.00.

The maximum benefit for each covered person is $1,000 per calendar year.


Employee funded optional coverage through VSP Insurance Company. VAP Vision Plan for UM.   


Long-term disability insurance is provided to all eligible full-time employees at no cost. The plan provides insured employees with a monthly benefit equal to 60% of their covered monthly earnings, not to exceed a maximum monthly benefit of $10,000. Benefits are paid after 90 consecutive days of total disability. 

Minimum Monthly Benefit - $100.00.


Group term life insurance is provided to all eligible full time employees at no cost. Insurance benefits equal one times the base annual salary, not to exceed $50,000.  Age reduction rules apply, please see policy for details.


During the first 30 days of employment, eligible employees may purchase additional personal, spouse, and/or dependent life insurance. After the first 30 days of employment, the purchase of additional personal life insurance is limited and could require proof of insurability.

The employee pays 100% of the premium.


AD&D insurance provides additional financial protection for employees and their families in the event of death, dismemberment, or total disability resulting from an accident.


Active employees contributing to the TRS of Alabama and who have completed one year of service are covered under the systems Pre-Retirement Death Benefit (PRDB) and Term Life Insurance (TLI) plan.

Active employees contributing to TRS of Alabama with less than one year of service have death benefits equal to the member's salary at the time of death if the cause of death is job-related.

Pre-Retirement Death Benefit – one times annual salary plus a Term Life Insurance- $15,000.

Coverage does not require employee premium contributions.


Full-time (non-faculty) employees earn vacation on a pro rata basis throughout the year of employment. The rate of accrual per year varies with the individual’s length of employment at UM. During the first year, employees earn vacation time at the rate of 10 days per year, or 6.666 hours for each month worked. The rate of accrual increases by one day for each year of employment for years 1 through 11, at which time the maximum rate of 20 days per year, or 13.333 hours per month is attained. Part-time employees earn vacation on a pro rata basis.


Full-time employees earn sick leave at the rate of one day per month for each month worked. 

TRS will convert accumulated sick leave to creditable months of service upon service retirement for TRS members who are public education employees.


Employees receive declared holidays provided by law or designated by the President of the University. Legal holidays include: Martin Luther King Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, 2 days at Thanksgiving, and 8 days between the Fall and Spring semesters which includes Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.


Employees may be given up to three days leave with pay due to the death of a member of the immediate family. Bereavement and funeral absences in excess of three days will be charged to accrued sick leave.  Faculty and staff should notify the supervisor or department head as soon as possible to request leave. 


After 6 months of continuous full-time employment, full-time employees are eligible for a full tuition and fee waiver on a space available basis. During the first six months of employment, full-time employees are eligible for a pro rata waiver of tuition and fees, based on the number of months of employment.

Dependents of regular, full-time faculty and staff employees who have been employed for 12 consecutive months may take UM undergraduate or graduate courses for credit on a space-available basis without charge of tuition (dependent is defined as a spouse and other dependents claimed on federal income tax forms). Dependents are eligible for a pro rata tuition waiver, based on the number of months of the employee’s employment.


UM provides flexible spending accounts for employees to pay eligible health care and dependent day care expenses with pre-tax dollars.


Retirement Systems of Alabama (Mandatory) 

Participation in the Retirement Systems of Alabama is mandatory for persons employed in a non-temporary capacity on at least a one-half time basis in a position eligible for coverage. For member’s contribution rate contact Human Resources. 

Specifics of the plan

  • Mandatory participation.
  • Employee contribution (contact HR for contribution percentage)
  • Employer contributions (as defined by RSA).
  • Vested after 10 years.
  • Military service / out-of-state repurchase option.

Social Security (Mandatory)

The employees and the University share the cost of Social Security taxes.  For an estimate of your Social Security benefits at retirement, contact the Social Security Administration. 

RSA-1 Deferred Compensation (457 Plan)

Managed by The Retirement Systems of Alabama, RSA-1 allows employees to defer receipt of a portion of their salary until some later determined date, usually until retirement or other termination of employment.

Specifics of the plan

  • Voluntary participation.
  • Contributions are Tax Deferred.
  • Catch-Up period designation.

Tax Deferred Investments 403 (b) plans

Under Section 403(b) of the Internal Revenue Code, The University of Montevallo offers tax deferred investment options through VALIC and TIAA-CREF

Specifics of the Plan

  • Contribution Maximums are determined by the IRS.
  • Employees may increase or decrease contribution amounts at any time.
  • Earnings are tax deferred until withdrawal.

The University of Montevallo does not contribute to the plan.


Athletic Events Employees may attend all campus athletic events free of charge upon presentation of a UM identification card.

Bookstore Discounts Employees are eligible for a 20% discount on all items at the Bookstore, except textbooks, paperbacks books, and film processing.

Cafeteria Food service is available to all UM employees, as meal tickets are offered at considerable savings.

Concert and Lecture Series Employees are encouraged to take advantage of the annual Concert and Lecture Series, which along with other plays and concerts provided for free or for a nominal charge, afford the employees unusually broad cultural opportunities.

Golf Course Access Membership in an 18-hole golf course is available to employees. Casual play for modest fees is also available, as are golf cart and pull cart rentals.

Library Employees, spouses and dependents have library borrowing privileges from the campus library.

Military Service Employees serving in voluntary military units are allowed up to 21 days of leave-with-pay to attend required training.

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