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The purpose of the Sick Leave Bank (SLB) is to provide eligible UM employees with an emergency pool of sick leave days and to mitigate the impact of lost wages during a time of illness, or injury, or due to a medically-necessary procedure.

 Definition of Catastrophic Illness

A Catastrophic Illness or Injury is defined as a severe condition or combination of conditions that (a) affect the health of the employee and/or immediate family (Spouse, Child, and Parent – does not include in-laws); (b) result in a life-threatening or life function altering condition; and (c) require an extended period of absence from work. A medically-necessary procedure does not have to be life threatening, but is likely to require an absence from employment for an extended period of time.



 To participate in the SLB, an employee must:         

1.   Be eligible to accrue sick leave; 


2.   Have completed one (1) year of continuous service to the University;


3.   Complete a Sick Leave Bank Enrollment Form during the semi-annual enrollment periods (April 1 – April 30 and November 1 – November 30) and submit to the Human Resources Office, according to the dates indicated on the enrollment form.


4.   Have accumulated a minimum combined total of 40 hours of sick and/or vacation leave at the time of enrollment in the Sick Leave Bank.


Enrollment in the SLB does not guarantee that an employee will receive benefits from the SLB. Each request for withdrawal of benefits will be evaluated and decision made based on the specifics of the request.





1.     To be eligible to receive benefits through the SLB, an employee must be enrolled in the SLB and be a contributing member. They must also first exhaust any and all accrued sick and vacation leave prior to receiving SLB benefits.   Participating employees are ineligible to participate if they receive any of the following benefits related to their specific illness or injury:


a.    Temporary disability benefits


b.    Long-term Disability


c.    Social Security Disability


2.     The requesting employee, or their immediate family member, must be suffering from a catastrophic illness or injury or require a medically-necessary procedure, as certified by a licensed health care provider, necessitating the employee’s extended absence from work and for which the employee will have no remaining paid leave available. If the employee is not capable of making application on his or her behalf, a member of the employee’s immediate family or supervisor may complete the application on behalf of the incapacitated employee.


3.     The maximum number of SLB hours that may be approved is 480 hours per 12-month rolling period. The 12-month rolling period shall begin on the last day that the employee uses leave from the SLB. Subsequent illnesses related to the initial qualifying illness are not eligible for a second request prior to the expiration of the 12-month rolling period. In the event there are insufficient hours in the SLB, approval will be granted on the hours available in the order that the completed requests were received.


4.     Unused leave from the SLB will be returned to the Sick Leave Bank.


5.     Where applicable, the employee will also be required to have requested and be granted Family Medical Leave. The SLB and the Family Medical Leave will run concurrently. For a medically necessary absence of three days or less (for which FMLA does not apply), certification from a licensed health care provider is required.




1.     The Director of Human Resources will administer all aspects of the Sick Leave Bank and will evaluate all applications for SLB benefits and determine eligibility to receive benefits from the SLB.


2.     The requesting employee, or their representative as defined above, must submit a completed Request for Withdrawal of Sick Leave Bank Benefits Form with appropriate signatures and supporting documentation to the Human Resources Office.


3.     In order to be considered for benefits from the SLB, the employee’s illness/injury/procedure or their immediate family member’s illness/injury/procedure must require the services of a licensed health care provider


4.     Requests for SLB assistance must be accompanied by a written statement from a licensed health care provider stating the beginning date of the condition, a description of the  illness, injury, or procedure and a prognosis including any limitations and the date the employee may be able to return to work. Periodic progress reports may be required to continue sick leave payments to the employee.


5.     Employees may not designate a particular employee to receive their deposited sick leave as this program is for any and all eligible, participating members who may be subject to a qualifying illness, injury, or procedure.


6.     The requesting employee (or his/her representative) and his/her supervisor, will be notified in writing of the decision within two (2) weeks of the submittal of a complete request including all required documentation. The Payroll Officer will be advised of the number of hours to be transferred into the employee’s sick leave account.


7.     Employees who receive benefits from the SLB will be paid at their regular rate for approved hours. All monies received will incur appropriate taxes and other required deductions.


8.     If an employee’s application for benefits from the SLB is not approved by the Director of Human Resources, he/she may appeal the decision to the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs. The decision of the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs is final.


9.     The Director of Human Resources, with approval from the Vice President for Business Affairs/Treasurer, will periodically review and revise the SLB rules, procedures and policies as needed for effective operation.





1.     At enrollment each participating employee will be required to deposit a minimum 8 hours of sick or vacation leave into the SLB (or prorated amount if employed less than full-time). Any employee may contribute any number of sick or vacation leave hours as long as that employee (a) maintains a minimum combined balance of 40 hours in his/her own accrued sick or vacation leave accounts or (b) is exiting employment and wishes to donate unused sick leave to the SLB.


2.     If hours needed to operate the SLB are not available; members of the SLB may be asked to donate additional hours.


3.     Deposits in the SLB are irrevocable and will not be returned if the employee cancels membership in the SLB.


4.     Once enrolled in the SLB, membership can only be canceled during the semi-annual open enrollment period and only if requested in writing.


5.     The President of the University reserves the right to amend or discontinue the SLB program at any time.


6.     All accounting and budgetary matters related to the SLB will be handled by the Department of Human Resources and Risk Management.





1.     Regular part-time employees may participate at pro-rated contribution and benefit level equivalent to their FTE. 


2.     Participating employees will immediately forfeit their right to SLB benefits due to any one of the following:


a.    Termination of Employment,


b.    Voluntary cancellation of participation,


c.    Failure to make a required contribution to the SLB; or


d.    Abuse or misuse of accrued sick leave.


e.    Misrepresentation, abuse, or misuse of SLB hours may result in disciplinary action.


Updated 10/01/2014

*[1] Employees are reminded that unused sick leave may be applied toward creditable service under the Teachers’ Retirement System of Alabama. A maximum of 12 days for each year of credited service may be applied toward retirement credit. Employees should consider the financial impact of losing Teachers’ Retirement System creditable service before enrolling in the Sick Leave Bank. Under no circumstances will leave time deposited in to SLB be reinstated or transferred back to the participating employee for any reason, including for retirement plan purposes.