Teaching Grants


Description: T&L grants are intended to foster creative approaches to teaching and learning by promoting collaboration, pedogogical experimentation, and reflection. Preference is given to projects with a strong potential to benefit teaching beyond a given classroom or virtual learning space. The projects of grant recipients are showcased each fall in the annual T&L Forum. 

Eligibility: Tenure and tenure-track faculty. Proposals for collaborative projects are welcome but only one stipend will be awarded per team.
Awards: Up to $2000. 
Award period: 2014-15 academic year.
Deadline: 15 March, 5 PM.
Projects Funded:  Projects suitable for funding include but are not limited to:
  • developing new course or new materials for existing course, with preference given to innovative General Education and interdiscipinary courses
  • converting face-to-face to online format
  • converting lecture format to experiential, inquiry-based, team-based, or problem-solving format
  • developing "high-impact" practices in General Education classes
  • developing pedagogies suitable for TEAL (technology-enhanced active learning) classrooms such as studioUM in Hill House
  • incorporating technology and digital tools in new and existing classes
Note: in each case project participants are expected to reflect on and disseminate the "lessons learned" from their projects. Projects the promise benefits for the wider campus will receive preference.
Use of funds: Uses include travel to conferences, workshops, teaching centers, etc; books, materials, software, and/or equipment; research assistant(s); other appropriate uses. (For questions, contact Kathy King at 665-6504). NOTE: T&L grants are not intended to furnish materials or equipment for ordinary classroom uses. Materials and equipment should be integral to a project with potential benefits for faculty across the campus. 
Application review: All proposals are reviewed by the Faculty Development Advisory Committee (FDAC) and endorsed by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. 
Recipient commitments: T&L grant recipients are expected to disseminate their findings on campus through a channel or channels of their choice, including workshops, brown-bag discussions, an open-door classroom. In addition, recipients are expected to present at the annual T&L forum in the fall following the award period. 
The submission process is online this year. The online application (accessed below) does not permit you to save. You need to prepare the following files in advance of application: 1) project narrative, 2) current short CV, 3) for projects using human or animal subjects, a statement of approvoal from the Chair of the Human and Animal Subjects Research Committee/Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee for research involving human or animal subjects, respectively. 
1. Project narrative. Two-three pages, single-spaced, 11 pt or larger font. Successful narratives will address each of the following areas: 
  1. Nature, scope, and objectives of proposed project. Should include a statement of the significance of the project; the basic ideas, problems, and/or practices to be researched; and the implications for teaching and learning at the University of Montevallo.
  2. Methodology and timeline. Some may prefer to present timeline in tabular form. It is expected that the project will be completed by the end of the award period.
  3. Dissemination Plan. Should include a detailed and convincing plan for involving the campus community in the funded project and/or for transmission of findings in the form of workshops, faculty seminars, etc. 
  4. Budget. Should include an itemized project budget.

2. Current short CV (no more than 5 pages).

3. For research involving human or animal subjects, a statement of approval is needed from Human and Animal Subjects Research Committee/Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. See Institutional Review Board for Human Subjects website for additional information. IRB research applications need to be submitted to Jenifer Moore, Chair, by March 1. You can contact her with questions at moorejl@montevallo.edu.


1. Applications are reviewed by faculty from each college. Limit use of jargon and discipline-specific terminology (insofar as possible).

2. Reviewers will take into account the clarity, coherence, and completeness of the application. Be as clear, specific, and detailed as possible. 

3. Reviewers will want to see that the project has been thought through and can be completed within the stated timeline. 

4. Reviewers will want to see a thoughtful and realistic dissemination plan.


Please Click HERE to Apply for the T&L Grant

*Please Do NOT consider the application process complete till you receive an e-mail confirming your submission within 24 hours from fdc@montevallo.edu*