Alabama's Public Liberal Arts University


ILlUMinate Grants


Purpose:  A competitive funding program to encourage faculty who are integrating information literacy in their courses to do so in innovative, unique, and engaging ways.  Funds may be used in a variety of ways (travel funds, books, software, hardware, equipment, etc.) as long as the goals and outcomes are related to information literacy.   Awards will be up to $1000.


Responsibilities of Grantee:  Proper stewardship of funds as proposed and submission of a final report at the end of the grant period.  Awardees are required to share results at an informal faculty development event as requested.


Distributions:  The funds will be available in two distribution periods:  October Awards (October 1-January 15) and January awards (Jan 15-May 1).  The funds should be spent during the distribution period.  Awards projects that are progressing adequately but are not complete by the end of the distribution period may be extended via a request to the Director of the QEP before the end of the distribution period. 


Limitations:  Grants may fund equipment and supplies but may not otherwise fund any salary or benefits for UM students/faculty/staff/administrators.  Grant participants should work closely with the Purchasing Manager of the University to ensure that all purchases are (1) prudent, (2) use appropriate University vendors (3) secured at the best available price utilizing all of the University purchasing resources, and (4) meet bid law compliance.