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Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

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QEP Logo 2011

  • The QEP (Quality Enhancement Plan) is a vehicle for colleges and universities to enhance student learning on campus. It is a major requirement for reaccreditation by SACS.
  • Our QEP is titled Brick by Brick: Building Information Literacy.

    We wanted to tie our QEP to the campus and therefore we went with one of the most-recognized aspects, the brick streets. The idea is that a foundation of Information Literacy can lead our students on a “brick” path of success.

  • Definition

    Information literacy is the ability to obtain, evaluate, and effectively use information to become responsible, informed scholars and citizens.

  • Goals


    1. Information Literate students determine the nature and extent of the information required.
    2. Information Literate students identify and acquire sources for the information.
    3. Information Literate students assess the validity and the appropriateness of the information.
    4. Information Literate students effectively use the information to accomplish a specific purpose.
    5. Information Literate students understand issues and benefits associated with the responsible use of information.

  • Courses – Information Literacy is embedded into these courses and a stronger emphasis is placed on connecting IL throughout the academic career.


    ENG 101, 102, 103, 104

    COMS 101, 102

    Computer courses


    IL-defined courses designated by the major


    Capstone courses or “Senior Experience” within majors

  • Schedule

    Foundational courses begin in Fall 2011.

    Foundational courses continue in Fall 2012 with changes based on assessment.

    Advancing courses begin in Fall 2013.

    Mastery courses begin in Fall 2014.

    Year-long assessment of entire program begins in Fall 2015.

  •  Faculty Development

    Summer 2011: Workshops/SAILS assessment tool introduced for faculty teaching Foundational courses

    August 2012: Course proposals/workshops for faculty teaching Advancing courses begins August 2012 and continues through the academic year and summer.

    August 2013: Course proposals/workshops for faculty teaching Mastery courses begins August 2013 and continues through the academic year and summer.

  • Topic Selection

    Spring 2007: Brainstorming sessions for strategic plan are begun and the President suggests QEP topic will come from these ideas. 

    Spring 2008: A 29-member committee comprised of faculty, staff, students, administrators and alumni began the process by combing through Brainstorming data.

    Fall 2008: The committee solicited ideas from faculty, staff and students through e-mail, presentation at University-wide meetings/open forums (at least 5 different meetings) and departmental and staff meetings.

    January 2009: The QEP committee submitted four topics to the University committee for their consideration. Two topics emerged (Information Literacy being one) as the favorites.

    March 2009: The QEP committee presented the two topics to the Leadership team and after consideration of all aspects, Information Literacy was chosen.

  • Development of QEP

    March 2009: A 16-member team, comprised of faculty, students and staff, was established to develop the QEP.  

    September 2009: The QEP chair submitted the draft of Definition and Goals for comments from the UM community. All suggestions were incorporated into the definition and goals.

    Fall 2009: Three open forums were held during the semester to discuss the implementation plan for the QEP.

    Fall 2009: Formal presentations of the QEP were presented at all of the college faculty meetings.

    Spring 2010: The formal writing of the QEP document was begun and a draft was distributed to the University community in April 2010.